How to remove redundant display?

Recently I wrote a DTH file for a new product, Refer to official documents here , but added the preferences section, the interface vid: “generic-4-button” should be the same. But the actual effect is as follows:

What is the purpose of the components in this area? If they are not useful, how to delete or hide them?

That’s a reference to Samsung’s Default Aeotec Wallmote DTH. So you used this as a model? Please post the code for your DTH.

What you highlighted LOOKS like the default display for the ‘button’ capability. Button | SmartThings Developers | Documentation (

Basically, if you add that capability to your DTH (which, considering you referred to the Wallmote DTH as a model - I suspect you did) you get that display. To create custom capabilities and presentations (custom UI) you will need to use this: Custom Capabilities | SmartThings Developers | Documentation ( and this: Migrate to Custom Capabilities | SmartThings Developers | Documentation (

A lot of DTHs that support multiple buttons are a fusion of the old and the new. The old is the button capability in the ‘main’ component that works with the ‘buttonNumber’ in the data to support legacy apps. The new is the use of a component for each button.

You need to have a presentation (vid) that doesn’t include the button capability in the main component. Creating them is easy enough but getting the app to take any notice of them is not always so easy.

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Thanks for your help, I understand how to do it.

Thank you! As a newer, I am confused by many phenomena, thank you for your explanation!