How to remove "pet care" from "device control"

How to remove “pet care” from “device control” ie. in phone slide out menu. It is showing in Home “Home”, while I do not have any home named “Home” in my account.

Seems a bit buggy to me, but i would still like to get rid of it.

Look in the Life section for SmartThings Pet Care.

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Hey there! @Vl4dimir, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: I’d be happy to help you remove the option for the Smart app ‘pet care’. The life section of the SmartThings Pet Care would allow you to remove the Smart App completely by long-pressing and selecting Delete. In the event that you are using the Smart App, I wanted to provide the steps below to remove from the ‘Device Control’ quick menu.

If you are referring to the Android “Swipe down quick menu” as the phone slide-out menu.

You are able to customize which devices are displayed in the ‘Device Control’ Menu.

Swipe Down for your Quick Panel to show >Select Device Control, (…) Three dot menu and select Manage Apps > Select/Tap Smart Things and you can then customize which options are shown and remove the Pet care option from displaying.

I hope this message finds you well!