How to remove it?

Hi, All:
I add my device throught the SmartThings App, And the SmartThings App set “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” as default device handle, The handle contains the capability of “Tamper Alert”.
After I change to my own device handle, which does not contains the capability of “Tamper Alert”. However, The windows show as below:

What can I do to remove the redundant display?

Force shut down app, clear cache, and restart the app

I did like you said, but it didn’t work, it still showed up

You either have to start over again with the device, trying to use the right DTH to start with, or you use a presentation (vid) that tells the app to ignore the unwanted capability.

Yes, you are right. I had to re-add the device with my own DTH. I can’t use a presentation (vid) for the interface is not a standard interface.