How to read parameters initially

How do you read parameters from a device before they’re set? The parameter values seem to just be empty until you actually set them in the interface once. After that they seem to read okay.

So, now that I’ve actually figured out how to grab the parameters, how do I load them into the preferences?

I was able to grab the parameters via a configuration get and put that value into the same variable that I have set as the input for the prefs. But when I go to prefs, it doesn’t show up. Is it a context thing, where the variables I set are “local” only and not the same as the prefs version of it?

The thing is, of course, if I set it via preferences, it will persist from then on.

Appreciate any help I can get

Well, a lot of spelunking and I think I’ve come up with the answer, based on this thread:

It’s a pity you can’t even show them.

I guess, as a work around, you could set the default value in each preferences and then have them all load at setup with instructions to just hit done and not enter anything. Because once they are set that way, they stay there (what keeps record of them, the hub?).

But…I thought “displayDuringSetup: true” would pop up the preferences page automatically. Doesn’t seem to happen. Am I misunderstanding?