How to Publish a Connected Service WebHook SmartApp?


We are developing a Connected Service for SmartThings (as opposed to a Device driver) and are currently in testing as described here: Test Your Connected Service.

As described on that page the Service has been registered and is visible to developers in the Discover tab that appears after selecting Add routine.

The documentation stops at this point with no description of how to publish the service. Is this currently possible?

Have we chosen the correct approach? The app is written as a hosted WebHook SmartApp and connects devices to graphical visualisations and a “disaggregation” service which identifies individual device energy usage from a single whole home energy meter.

many thanks

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No, SmartApps are for self-publish only. This means they cannot be published for normal users to see it in the catalog.

If you want to share the SmartApp, you would need to guide them through the registration (Webhook URL, scopes, etc.) so they can see it in their accounts.

The other options are:

  • Require the users to generate a Personal Access Token (with the proper scopes) and provide it to you.
    Note: You should save it securely so it doesn’t cause issues for them. Also, this approach doesn’t allow subscriptions

  • The OAuth integration but that’s not currently available, the engineering team is working on some improvements and it can take some time to be accessible again.

thanks @nayelyz for this and your email follow-up. All very helpful. We’ve gone for a Personal Access Token approach for now until the OAuth integration is working.

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