How to propagate bulb changes from LIFX app to SmartThings?


I changed runEvery1Minute(refresh) to schedule("3 * * * * ?", refresh)

However, the bulb still takes more than 10 seconds, sometimes around 20 seconds to update the status.

Anything I can do to make this faster?

I use my LIFX app on apple watch a lot to turn on/off lights. I use webcore and want to control other things when I turn lights on/off from LIFX apple watch.

Thanks in advance!

After looking at the live logging it looks like it still takes about a minute, if not a few seconds longer than 1 minute. I’m pulling the DH from the repo. I went into the handler changed the refresh, saved, then published “for me”. Anything else to get this to update faster?

Have you considered using the LIFX integration in the new app?

I have. When I turn lights on/off (in LIFX) status doesn’t update in ST. So my pistons don’t run. :frowning_face:

Do you use the Classic app or the new app?

I have both installed, but I mainly use new app. I just have classic app for phone notifications for pistons.

In webcore, if you use “send notification and store in messages” you will get messages on your phone by way of new app.

But what I was trying to ask… did you originally set up your LIFX from the Classic app or new app? If you set them up from the Classic app, you may want to consider removing those plus any DTH you set up and setting them up from the LiFX integration in the new app.

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Thanks for the tip! I will give that a try.

re: Lifx -> ST updates
Even after creating an entire new DH from code and having the schedule be 5 seconds (removing the DH from GitHub and sourcing new device to hard coded DH) it still takes a minute to update.


Not sure what to do.

I removed all LIFX from both apps and just installed in new app, still some delay at times, but works pretty good!

Thank you!

Can you setup again with my DH and post your settings? Based on that log it looks like it is not getting a device name from the settings.