How to power this wired in mimolite to a siedle intercom?

So I have wired a mimolite into my siedle intercom system for my apartment. This allows me to get notifications when my apartments buzzer is buzzed and allows me to remotely unlock the main building door also. All very useful especially if I am out but expecting a delivery, one time auto opener!

Picture of intercom and mimolite

The thing is the mimolite is ~0.3A and the board of the intercom gets way less (I tried a voltage regulator). Right now the mimolite is powered off a far away socket.

Final goal is to hide the mimolite (without the plastic case) in the intercom (there is space) and have the power line hidden also.

I could get some low voltage wire and hide it say under the baseboard.

Given there is a light switch near by do you think it would be feasible to get a LED voltage converter and run the mimolite off that? Does anyone have any experience in this?