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How to place repeaters

(Anis Berhil) #1

I just bought bunch of securifi peanut smart plugs (were on sale lol)
I’m trying to make my zigbee robuts I have bunch of them, sometimes few iris motion sensors act weird
Any idea where I should spread the smart plugs inside the house?
Also have some arrival sensors (car presence) and want them to be detected as soon as possible. My hub sits next to my velop main router (room located in front of the house), Should I place a smart plug by front door or better inside the garage ?
I appreciate your inputs



(Tony Fleisher) #2

This FAQ should help:

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(Anis Berhil) #3

thx read that, I need to know from people experience rather than some kind of article



Read post 11 in that thread. I assure you, it’s from experience. :wink:


(sidjohn1) #5

If you bought a bunch, put one in every room of your home.


(Anis Berhil) #6

your article is very detailed and informative in deed
My concern, is there a side effect to adding too many repeaters as well
I didn’t know that the hub should be moved 3 meters from the router



No, there’s no problem with adding extra repeaters. The devices are smart enough to know not to use up the hops too soon. :sunglasses:


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #8

That’s how I did it!

Hub is central, then I sort of created a circle around it with my repeaters. All of my window and door sensors are signs and are close to the perimeter of the house (windows). So I did my best to put the reporters between them and the hub.

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(Anis Berhil) #9

Do repeaters (smart plugs for instance) need to be on to act as repeaters, like plugged in and ON at the same time?



No, they just need to have current.

Essentially if the device can hear the next “on“ command from the network, it can also repeat because the radio is still active.

So if you can turn it on from the app, it can repeat even if it looks like it’s off. :sunglasses:

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