How to monitor/log energy usage? Daily/month numbers Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6, Gen5


I purchased an Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch from amazon in order to track the energy usage of my space heater and to turn it on or off at different times. I’ve spent the last day trying to use the energy monitoring feature while maintaining it’s on/off switch function. I’ve tested a couple different things but I haven’t found the right solution yet.
I am trying to log the power usage from the outlet in order to know the monthly cost.

I’ve tried using an integration with PlottWatt.
But the data is not syncing

I’ve also tried changing the device type trying to log in via Initial state
But the data is not syncing

Does anyone know a good method of logging energy usage of a single outlet (not the whole house) for a month without losing the on/off function? I’ve very new to all of this and don’t have any developer experience

This is what you need:


Thanks so much for your very clear instructions and code. It was a breeze to set up!

No worries. Since then an even better option came up, which also uses Google. I’ve switched over to this:

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There’s a really great DH for that module, Ive been using it and it’s nice…

You can configure the cost of the energy depending on how much you pay and it will calculate the daily,weekly,monthly cost using the consumption.

Heres the link :


@johnconstantelo, The graphs and filtering definitely make that Simple Event Logger look like a great alternative. Is it possible to set up logging to both spreadsheets concurrently (at least for the rest of the day) so I don’t lose today’s data so far?

Also with that spreadsheet is it possible to test adding rows using a method similar to the “?Temp1=15&Temp2=30” URL trick?

@PhantomZ, thanks for the link to that DH. I just realized I’m using the logging with my Aeon ZW905 HEM DH, will the Smart Switch DH work with the ZW905 HEM?



I really don’t know about that one… But I would love to have that ZW905 at home!!

Ask @jbisson if he has something for that device or if he could adapt his DH from ZW096 to have the same power consumption/cost features for your device… He did a really great job with the DH for ZW096, I love it and he continues to update it.

Sure, I don;t see why you couldn’t since you’re using separate apps to do that.

I think that would work too. Just add that to the end of the URL.

@PhantomZ @Z_Ali My SmartSwitch6Gen DH won’t work with the ZW905 HEM as they have some differences on how their usage get uploaded with the Z-WAVE. If I had one of the ZW905, I could adapt it to work but without the device, it would be impossible for me to test and make it work…

Thanks for the reply @jbisson

@johnconstantelo, I just went through the setup and went through the configuration of the first SA you posted, what is new and improved in the second SA?

Hi @Stroh,

It was the link to Simple Event Logger that was in post #4:

Thanks but what is better in that version? Is it worth starting over with the other SmartApp?

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It’s just easier to set up in my opinion, butif you already have another solution up and running then I wouldn’t switch.

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