How to make Alexa beep/alert when refrigerator is open for more than x mins?

I have a contact sensor attached to the fridge.
I have installed BigTalker2 smart app, and have created new events within the smartapp to for alexa to speak when the refrigerator door is open and close.
Its working very well.
However I would like alexa further notify after x number of mins if the fridge is still left open.
i have also installed Echo Speaks, if thats what i will need… but not sure if that will do the trick? I have been reading references on the forum about WebCore, I realize there is a learning curve to it… hence before I get that route, is there an option to do this without the programming route?

You can do this with Echo Speaks (just make sure you installed the latest version) - no WebCore needed.

I still recommend you look into webcore. It’s not really programming but using a set of options and drop-downs to automatically create programs for you. Especially for simple things its way easier to use than it sounds.

If you decide to go with webCore, copy the middle WHILE statement