How to make a siren go off when someone opens a door

(Jay S) #1

I must be missing something very obvious. I bought the ForetrezZ siren listed here ( and I can’t figure out how to make the siren sound when a door opens. I know it works because when I open its THINGS page, there’s a button to manually trigger the siren (and that works).

The instructions on that page say “simply pair the siren with any sensor”, but I have no idea HOW to do that. In the THINGS section of my SmartThings app, I see no way to pair the siren and a sensor. In the Dashboard app, I only see sections to “notify me when a door opens” (no way to take an additional action). Lastly, in the SmartApps section, I scrolled through the categories but can’t find anything relating to a siren (and with no way to Search, I don’t know what I’m missing).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Eric) #2

There might be another rule, but the one that comes to mind is now under AlertsValuables - you want to “Monitor for open/close of my valuables”. Create an area to monitor, hook up an open/close sensor, then add your FortrezZ Siren as the alarm to sound when it’s opened.

Not sure if there’s another place to do this, but there’s at least one that ought to work. I don’t have any sirens rigged up yet so I can’t say for certain.