How to link the sensor I developed myself?

I developed a small sensor utilizing UWB technology. But after studying many tutorials, it didn’t match my situation. We are trying the most similar Hub Connected Devices method among the documents.
I have one samsung hub v3. And I also completed the Hello world example.
Can you give me a tutorial or method that suits my situation?

Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @yuihmoo!

Please, allow me some time to check some details with the engineering team and I’ll get back to you.
In case we need more information, we’ll let you know.

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Thank you for answer. :slight_smile: @nayelyz
It is implemented according to the Zigbee protocol. To help you understand, I understand the role of the PAN Codinator, knowledge of networks, and Matter standards. So, in conclusion, I’m curious about what the End-Device side should prepare for interworking with the hub.