How to "Link" a Zwave accessory switch to Zwave Sylvania RGBW strips

I don’t know if i’m having issues doing this, or if im going about it all wrong.

I have an Eaton RF9642 Accessory Zwave dimmer switch that has no hot lead out (was cheap and in use in other applications around the home flawlessly)

But my goal is to have it function as a dmmer switch to control my sylvania undercabinet lights.

I attempted to Mirror the two devices and the switch, but this yielded weird results such as not turning off the strips 100%, no dimmer control via switch (but would dim via app). Then turning off the strips when clicked again, and sometimes would activate/turn on after a press or two via switch.

I’m now to the point that I need to reach out to ya’ll and see where my logic is missing a better way to do this.


What’s the model number of the Sylvania lights? And aren’t they zigbee? I didn’t think Sylvania made any zwave devices.

Use Mirror option in Smart Lightning app

Tried with Inovelli Dimmer (z-wave device) and Ecosmart temperature lights (zigbee devices), and it works with on/off and dimming.

I think the challenge here is going to be that the Sylvania devices are RGBW Zigbee devices. That just doesn’t map very well to a zwave dimmer.

As you mentioned, if you just have a zigbee white bulb, You should be able to mirror on/off and dim behavior. But RGBW is tricky. They don’t dim the same way that a single color device does. Which might be leading to the behavior that the OP is seeing.

I do have Sylvania temperature lights and Sylvania rgbw strips. I’ll try them tomorrow. BTW my Inovelli dimmer is scene capable and with ABC smart app I can also change color temperature from cool to warm white. I do not have Eaton dimmer, but he should be able to use that dimmer with mirror correctly.

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