How To - Linear Garage door and Amazon Alexa

I’ve been struggling with this since I got my echo (linear has been working for a long time)… turns out I just needed to update the device handler from the original one that I was using from GaryD to the modified one linked above. Voila! I can now use turn on/off. Same as others above, she still doesn’t understand open/close, but I’ll take it. Thanks @bamarayne !

@bamarayne , I have my iris garage door opener device type as the RG…blah blah whatever. I was able to tell Alexa to open the garage door and close the garage door. This has been working fine for the last few months. But just within the last week, telling Alexa to open the garage door does not work anymore. She says “I’m not quite sure how to help you with that.”

Is anyone else experiencing this? I wonder if there’s an update to the echo That change something.

I can confirm having the exact same situation as you. I have had the Linear garage door opener installed for several months, with no problems until recently with Echo. Echo originally responded to “open/close the Garage Door” but something changed several weeks ago. Now I can only get “turn on/off the Garage Door” to work. I’m pretty sure the change came about on the Echo side of things, not SmartThings. But I could be wrong.

This seems to be a problem that affects different users at different times.

Mine worked great for months, then one day she wasn’t quite sure how to help me with that…

Now I just askAlexa for everything… Never a problem there.

Works great. I just added the Left and Right Garage Door to the Amazon Echo.

Dumb question likely, but it’s been a few months so I thought I’d ask.

Is this still the only way to integrate Alexa and the Linear garage door opener? No new shortcuts or simplifications?


Edit: I did complete the setup per this post and the one by Taco.

I did my first “Alexa, turn the garage door on” tonight and it opened up like a charm.

So that is very cool. Added the device to my Google Home as well, and can open and close it via voice using Google Home now as well.

Holy Garage-Automation, Batman! :slight_smile: Thanks for all the detailed assistance here.

Thanks bamarayne, this had me up and running in no time. I have a linear GD00Z-4, connected to a Chamberlain, MYQ opener, model WD850KEVG.

The toughest part was that my opener doesn’t work out of the box with the linear device. A friend of mine with advanced soldering skills came over and soldered the linear leads directly to the wall mounted clicker switch (yes, the tiny little switch mounted on the circuit board!). Simply connecting the linear leads to the red/white terminals on the back of the wall mount switch would not work. The leads must be soldered on the circuit board clicker switch (notated by drawn in pink dots in the pic).

Right now, I am only able to open and close the door by saying “Alexa, turn on/off the garage door”.

I am still unable to say “Alexa, open/close garage door”, but I am more than happy to live with it!!

Thanks everyone for your input…

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Gents, need some help. Trying to get this to work with my google home. I had already had the garage door opener installed and was using it with the regular ST controller… So, I’ve added the new controller as per the instructions above and it shows up in my ST app but it won’t open or close the garage (Says Unknown)… Seems that my garage door is already linked to the native handler in ST… So my question is, should I do a factory reset on the Garage Door controller? Or better yet, I can’t get past Step 5 so any suggestions on how to get it to work?


You can change the Device Handler for your garage door in the IDE. Go to your device list in the IDE, select your garage door, select the option to Edit (I think that’s it, not at a computer right now) and select the desired device Type from the drop down list and then update. The device types you’ve added will be at the bottom of the drop down deuce tote list.

That will put your garage door on that device handler.

Hey, thanks for responding!! I’m out of town right now but will test out and report back later for the good of the community. Thanks again!

Well, that didn’t work. Changed it in the IDE and it still didn’t recognize. I was able to accomplish what I was trying to do by using the default handler and using an ifttt command to make it work. That was surprisingly easy. Now I got voice control using google home to open the garage door.

Nd3 would you please post the steps or thread with the IFTTT instructions? I will try Op’ s method but I also would like to try it with GH.

Is there an update for this? I cannot seem to even install the app in IDE as “type” I am supposed to set does not appear anywhere. Additionally, there is no “MySwitches” area in my mobile app.


This thread is old…can you explain the context of “the app”…which app are you attempting to install?

Has anyone been able to track down the cause as to why after a month/ few months etc., Alexa stops responding to the “open/ close” the garage door statements?

Mine worked fine for months and then started doing that today?

Anyone have any suggestions?

Amazon works in a dev ops model for development…meaning they publish changes on a very quick basis…when you work in that environment, the concept of ‘fail fast’ is used…which means you spend less time with QA and more time getting stuff to users. And, unfortunately, documentation doesn’t keep up with the changes. So if it worked before they may have made a mistake and accidentally taken a command out, or it may have been a ‘mistake’ in their view to have originally included it and they finally removed it.

I recommend an app like my Ask Alexa program to get around the limitation of the native integration.


Thank you for that response. I went ahead and setup “AskAlexa”. I like it all except for the having to say “Ask Smartthings…”.

Do you know anyway to bypass the invocation name when using a custom skill with alexa…

It’s just not natural language in my opinion compared to just straight telling Alexa what you want without those extra “fluff” words in my opinion.

Alexa, turn on the the light. Good.

Alexa, ask smartthings, to turn on the light. Bad.

Just my opinion of course.

What are your and the communities thoughts on this- is there a way I can get around it?

Looks like you may have gotten the answers in the other thread, but to activate a skill you must use an invocation name. The only real work around is to have an Ask Alexa Macro tied to a flash briefing…you can then have something automatic happen with just the utterance “Alexa, flash briefing”.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for that response. And thank you for the responses in the other thread.

That dialog in the other thread is ongoing and I think you may have just killed this thread. haha.

Hehe…no worries…it is all good! Glad you are enjoying the app.