How to keep circuits to smartbulbs always "on"

I’m looking into getting some smartbulbs (either Philips or Osram- but I’m leaning towards Osram because I don’t want to have yet another hub).

I’ve read about some issues that can occur when smartbulbs are turned off at the switch instead of being toggled through the hub and was wondering what other users have done to prevent other people (friends, family, etc.) from trying to turn off lights at the switch (I don’t want something like this ( as I think it’s a rather in-elegant solution.


Excellent question, and fortunately there’s an FAQ listing a number of different options. :sunglasses:

( This is a clickable link)

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I just avoid this situation all together. if there is a switch, I use a z-wave switch. I only use smart bulbs in lamps.


I have a lot of smart bulbs in places where it is a pain in the butt if someone turns the switch off. Some people say don’t use smart bulbs the way I do, that’s up to you. About half of my bulbs are hard wired on and I use the Cooper RF9500 to control them. HOWEVER, as time when on I spent more time automating my home to the point where my wife almost never need to touch the switches. I have 5 Cooper RF9500 sitting right here on my desk that I have not installed because we don’t need to.

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If you are comfortable with some minor electrical work on your lamps, you could replace the socket with one that is not switched. for example.

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i put 1 bulb in certain areas where motion is the only time they are turned on. laundry room, closets. if a simple switch then just get a extra copper wire and insert top and bottom of back of the switch. always on and now bulb is always on unless turned off by ST. only downside is if power grid goes down and back up then light is on until motion triggers off(if yousetup rule that way) or turn off using ST.

Thanks JDRoberts! The link is super helpful.

My use case is as follows: I have 5 recessed lights in the ceiling of my living room. I’d like to be able to replace them with the multi-color-capable bulbs for dimming and different color variations. There’s a single switch that controls all 5 lights currently.

Are you in the US or the UK?

I understand that you don’t want to use the smart switch cover, but they are the simplest method at this point. The switch is right where it always was, it works like it always did, but you also have the ability to control the color bulbs with automations. The difference that the switch does look different then a traditional switch.

There are two smart switch covers available in the US and they do look quite different from each other.

Alternatively you can blank off the existing switch and use any of the other options in the buttons FAQ. There’s quite a variety there. :sunglasses:

If the switch has a Neutral wire, I believe that in most situations you can wire in an outlet in place of the switch.

An excellent opportunity to power a dedicated tablet or old smart phone to run ActionTiles (SmartTiles) dashboard panel.

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After reading about all of my different options, I think what I’ll do for now is this:

  1. Install the bulbs (still not sure if I’ll go with Osram or Philips) and just give visitors a heads up not to hit the switch.

  2. When I have some more time on my hands, work on a custom tablet enclosure that will fit over the switches. The light control switch is in a 3-gang box. I should be able to make something that will sit on top of the current dumb-switches, letting me leave the switch “on” and controlling only via software. The other two switches I can replace with smart switches. In an emergency I can slide out the tablet and use the physical switches behind it. __


If you want something a little more transparent, there’s this option:

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I am in the same boat. I have my basement with BR30 Philips color bulbs so I can control the colors and lights for movies and sport games. I have not changed my switch yet but right now, I only need the color lights and dimmable for specific events. The rest of the time, if my wife goes down to do laundry, the switch just works as usual and the lights default back to the normal bulb settings.

Sometimes, I will leave the switch on and turn the lights off with the app or Alexa and found that it throws everyone off. I am going to go with the Slyvania solution soon.

BTW, with the Cooper RF9500 I use this…


I use this product from Amazon:

They look good and match my light almond covers, more or less.

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That would be great if everyone has a nutreul wire!!! Which allot don’t

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In that case, relays.