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How to integrate Arlo Hub siren to my Smartthings system


(Mavrrick) #21

That is true. It won’t turn the cameras on or off. But you can then create routines to do that task based on alarm status. My point is that it gives you the effect of a true alarm system. It will also integrate your siren for you.

The example HBR pointed out is also why arlo pilot is good to use. The modes we can configure in the Arlo cloud are much more complex then what is doable from smartthings simply leaving the arlo cloud always armed. One of the big things smartthings does not manage for arlo is the notifications. So for instance if you want to configure your outdoor Camara to do one thing while your indoor camera’s do something different with different notification profiles then the arlo modes is the only way to accomplish it. In actually have 3 modes my cameras use. They change based on my ADT Smartthings panel switching between disarmed, Armed/Stay, Armed Away. On all 3 of the arlo modes my front door camera sends notifications for anyone approaching my door. Because it is outside I connected power and setup activity zones to prevent false positives. When armed in armed/stay my indoor cameras are active and record based on action. Armed Away notification from everything. I integrated my arlo siren into the ADT Alarm part, which was done outside of both.

There are also a few arlo smart apps that will trigger recordings for you based on other events outside of arlo. I can direct you to them if they are of interest. I have created a few and @evanbeek created the original app that my alterations came from.

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I subscribed to the new Arlo Smart and noticed that I was not getting any Smart notifications - only Smartthings notifications. So, for my cameras, when they detected motion, I turned off the Smartthings notifications and then the Smart notifications started working. I did not turn off the Smartthings notifications for my other sensors, only the cameras.


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This is a interesting statement since Smartthings doesn’t have any involvement with notification settings in arlo other then setting the default Smartthings mode to send notifications for everything.

What did you change and where. Do you have routines in Smartthings that send notifications or something. Or did you change the arlo mode to not send notifications. Are Arlo smart notifications different then regular ones setup in the actions. I hit my 5 camera limit not long ago so I will likely have this setup in the not so distant future.

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I don’t know why but when I could not get the Smart notifications I started troubleshooting and stumbled across this solution. I may have been because the Smartthings notifications were arriving first. Don’t know.
I have 10 cameras headed towards 15. Crazy, huh? I don’t need that many, I just love playing with these things.
I have mixed feelings about the Arlo Smart. The notifications are about 98% accurate for me, but how they work is that after the video is uploaded to Arlo’s servers it is analyzed to determine what the appropriate notification should be thus slowing down the notifications until after that process is done. So my question is, would I rather have quick notifications that only tell me that motion was detected, or do I want accurate identifications and the ability to get a lot less notifications depending what filters I have set up? I put all my cameras to record until motion has stopped to give me faster notifications.
What I like about Smartthings is that, I believe, previously, before Arlo Smart, Smartthings was sending me both push and text notifications. With Arlo you only get pushed notifications, (and/or email notifications), but no text notifications. So, if you have multiple notifications happening at once, once you see the first push notification the rest of them go away.
I have a lot of sensors in Smartthings, both inside and outside that I use to get a better understanding of what is going on and turn on the cameras I need to use even if in some cases if motion was not detected. I use custom rules in Smartthings to start the recordings.
For example, I capture the temperature readings in many of my sensors to alert me if certain temperatures get to hot or too cold. So if a room suddenly went above the threshold I have set, it could be an indication that there is a fire in that room. I start a recording from the nearest camera to see what is going on.
If I didn’t answer all the questions, re-ask them as this post is getting too long.


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The new Arlo Smart lets you customize which notifications you want to receive and which ones you don’t want to receive. They are"
Packages, (one camera only)
All Other Motions.
You select which slider switches to determine which of the above you do or do not want to receive. So, if you only want notifications of People or Vehicles and want to ignore Animals, etc. then you only get notifications for the selected ones. These are set up on a camera by camera basis because you may want different notifications for different cameras.
To get these to work properly, in my Smartthings custom rules I turned off the push and email notifications only for the cameras and let Arlo Smart notify me of what is happening.
Under the eaves of my house, I mounted several motion sensors to trigger the cameras earlier than what would happen if I relied on the Arlo cameras to detect the motion. Since my mailbox is on my front porch, I mounted one directly above the mailbox. So, if the other motion sensors start my outside cameras recording, I know that something is moving out there and which direction they are coming from depending on which sensor fires first. If it is time for the mailman and the two sensors on either side of my front door fire, but the mailbox sensor did not fire, I can assume that the mailman passed on to my neighbors house and did not leave me any mail. If the sensor above the mailbox fires, then I get a message, “Mail Arrived.”
Just some of the ways I use Smartthings.



This is what I’m finding out so far. I integrated Arlo into ST. It works, sort of, but it kills the functionality of the native Arlo software. For example, I can set ST to activate the cameras when an event happens. So if I say record on all three cameras for 1 minute when contact 1 is open or when motion sensor 1 is active it works flawlessly. However to see the video clip I have to go into the Arlo app and go to its Library section to see it, the “view clip” in the ST app does NOT work. That is a minor inconvenience.
What is not minor, is that this makes my Arlo Mode always INACTIVE (I tripled checked this) so my outside camera never records when someone comes to my front door. I will get that camera recording if an ST alarm is triggered, ie: front door open, window open, motion in the house, etc. but this is pointless because the intruder is inside the house already, why would I need to trigger the camera at the front door when there is no one there already? I even removed the front door camera from ST - did not help - that camera does not record when it detects motion anymore. My findings say to keep these two systems separate!

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Your observations are exactly why I and many others use Arlo pilot.


Thanks. Not available in the Google Play store - where do I find it?


Yes, please. Thank you.

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Unfortunately Smartthings made it very hard to get personal apps in to the app store in the app a while back. With that happening the best way to get it loaded is to find the app here and then log into the IDE yourself and publish the app. There are some good tutorials on this out there…

The IDE is at Smartthings IDE

You would go to the IDE, setup Github integration, and then publish the app and it’s components if any to your location.

You also need to ask if you are using the Classic Smartthings app or the new Smartthings app. To install community developed apps you need to use the classic app. Once they are installed in your location though you can manage them from the new app if you choose to use it.

I will do some searches for the tutorials and post them here.

Github integration with the IDE tutorial
Thread with many totorial or FAQ links for information about custom apps.

(Mavrrick) #31

I believe the below thread has all of the information you are looking for. The link I provided is specifically about the Arlo Smartapp that @evanbeek created. If you scroll down a little bit more you will see info to get the info to get to the tweak i created to managed a refresh on a scheduled basis.

[RELEASE] ArloPilot - Enhanced Arlo System Integration

If you scroll to the top you will get information for the whole application. So then you can install and set it up. There is one catch. About a month or so ago there was a update to the Arlo Cloud that created a need for a edit to the application. You need to go to post code fix for the info to fix it.


Wow! Thank you so much for all the help. I certainly have a LOT to read. Was about to ask what are the differences between the classic and the new app? why even have 2 versions and what can one do that the other cannot?
Again, thanks for all the help - I am only just getting started with all this - it’s fun and practical and very frustrating at times! :slight_smile:

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There are a few threads here about difference between the classic and the new app. I actually use a combination of both for certain things. I would suggest doing a few searches for those threads and reading them. I honestly haven’t kept up. I do the majority of what i am doing through the old app. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the new app, but there are just some gaps for things that are yet to be implemented.