How to install the door knocker on more than 1 sensor in 1 home?


I am fairly new to Smart Things and only now found out that I can install apps through the Web as well. I have a Smart Sense Multi on 2 of my doors and would like to get activity notifications also, not only open and closed.

I managed to install the app on 1 sensor using my home location. I configure it using the Web or on the phone and save it. Then it works. If I go back to My Smart Apps and do the same with my second Smart Multi, the app will always be removed from the first one. So far I have not managed to get activity notifications on both sensors.
Any ideas?

Olaf, Are you sure that you are installing a second instance of the SmartApp? It sounds like you are just changing the setting in one SmartApp that you have installed, changing between one sensor and the other. You need to use the big + button on your mobile app dashboard, and install the app a second time.

Hi Bruce! Thanks a lot for this! I didn’t know I had to do it this way! I used my laptop to install the apps. It does work now! Really appreciate the help here!! I guess there is a lot to explore for me! Have a great weekend!


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