How to install Smartthings Edge Drivers?


From what I’ve read that should be compatible.

contact ST support and report the issue:

you can contact them through the app > Menu > Contact us

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333


I did a full factory reset on my hub and then it worked like a charm. Thanks!

Looking for some advice. I was trying to start my migration journey by making a simple one.
I have a single Sylvania zigbee smartplug. It is currently working with the “generic - not custom” driver “SmartPower Outlet”
I thought that what I needed to was:

  1. Remove device from app
  2. (Skipped) Remove custom DTH → But there is nothing to remove since this is not custom
  3. Re-pair the smartplug by using the smartthings “add device” select by brand wizard

When I did 3 I ended up with a regular groovy driver :woozy_face:
and it was in the same room as it was before (ie something was left over). I can tell is groovy because I don’t see the “driver” menu option
Any suggestions? Thanks!

Try Add Device and choose Scan instead of selecting by brand.

If still not found, the fingerprint has not been added to any Edge Driver at this point.

I use a Community Developed Edge Driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo for my SYLVANIA zigbee smart plug so you have the option to install it.

Thanks, @jkp so is this the behaviour today?

When installing by Scan:

  1. If a Smarthings Developed Edge Driver exist that matches it would be used
  2. Else if a Community Developed Edge Driver exist that matches it would be used
  3. Else if a Smartthings developed DTH exists that matches it would be used

When I select “By brand”, step 2 is skipped

My smartplug is Sylvania 72922 and shows up as OSRAM. It sounds like my logic makes sense for how drivers get selected. I installed the driver that @Mariano_Colmenarejo posted and just followed the steps.
One thing I struggle with, I deleted the device with the app. I try pairing many, many times without success. I check on the app and couldnt find the device. However when I check the IDE it was there. I removed from there (first I removed from IFTTT - maybe this prevented a clean remove?)
Right after that if pair immediately and pick the proper drive automatically

Look in No Rooms Assigned to see if it gets placed there

I am pretty sure I looked there. After doing some more testing I can see that IDE is not reflecting on the device sometimes. Strange. I will make another post about a different issue

Does anybody have a driver for Orvibo Zigbee switch - This is a simple paddle switch mentioned here?
I already have installed the driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo but it doesn’t seem to pick it up.
After trying to pair it shows a “Thing” on groovy (it doesn’t have the driver menu so can’t try to reassign properly).

Hi @Gabriel_Arce

Please, send me the complete fingerprints from IDE

@Mariano_Colmenarejo I would love to but have no idea how :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
Happy to try something for sure :+1:

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Guessing here but maybe this is what you are looking for
zbjoin: {“dni”:“3590”,“d”:“00124B00076A09BF”,“capabilities”:“8E”,“endpoints”:[{“simple”:“01 0104 0000 00 04 0000 0005 0004 0006 01 0000”,“application”:null,“manufacturer”:“欧瑞博”,“model”:“545df2981b704114945f6df1c780515a”}],“parent”:65535,“joinType”:15,“joinDurationMs”:510,“joinAttempts”:1}


It coud be fine but, If you is in IDE can see this

This is it

Added to this driver version
It will bee updated automatically in a maximum of 12 hours

 Name         Zigbee Switch Mc
 Version      2022-10-27T20:03:39.186707283        
  - id: "Orvibo/Switch"
    deviceLabel: Orvibo Switch
    manufacturer: 欧瑞博
    model: 545df2981b704114945f6df1c780515a
    deviceProfileName: single-switch
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Hi everyone, brwosing through this thread I read you could choose the edge driver in the ST app by selecting the device and choosing the driver in the options. In my devices (Danfoss LC13) I cannot find any option to change drivers. Is this option not available any more?

Goal:I am hoping to be able to have 0.5 deg increments in the setpoints by changing the drivers. I installed Mariano’s z-wave thermostat and child driver and the

Hi @cartelcar

In settings preferences You have options use profile with temperature set points 0.1°c or 0.5°c increments. 0.5°c is default option.

Innocent question:
If there are EDGE driver updates from a developer, do those updates get pushed to the users that installed from them before?

Yep. Within 12 hours of being published by the author.

A caveat is you can’t opt out of auto updates, which some people are (rightly so) fearful of.

We’ll see how it goes and if that changes in the future.