How to Install and Setup LINKS Public Beta Mark II

This is a good point, but why do I want to leave a machine running all the time when Alexa uses far less power as well. Will this connect to SmartThings and Automate lights and etc? Will it pull the latest news and podcasts and play them back in a uniform manner? And how do you handle moving around the house or room with the microphone? That seems to be a big sicking point with Voice using the built in laptop or computer mics.

I do think that something like this will eventually happen, especially as devices become more powerful and use less power so leaving them on would be trivial overall.

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IFTTT capability is great as noted, but it adds an additional delay to a cloud system that already has significant delays. I do not consider that a way to run ST with LINKS. Will Links eventually have a direct link or connection to the ST cloud? Is there any movement to make this happen?

I think the Idea is great for those of us who have a Windows box to assign to this task. I actually have several servers setup. How does it handle switching the mics over multiple connections? Does it treat them as one source or do you have to change the input as you go from room to room (assuming you have wired each room with a microphone or series of microphones)

Not being combative here, the web site just did not do a good job of explaining what you can do


Great – 13 minute – video of a very niche market, home automation geek; well… like some of us here :sunglasses:.

But Amazon Echo is often demo’d (successfully!) with just a 30 second video (or less); pretty darn powerful for setup time that is usually under 30 minutes for a moderately experienced SmartThings Customer.

Hey, no worries man. :slight_smile: actually documentation is something we beta testers have been really pushing to get done, and with our new YouTube channel (me being the host), we’re going to try to get all of those questions taken care of.

Check out the video I posted there. That’s just one user’s setup, but he does a lot with it and exclusively uses Links and Vbscript to do everything he showed you there (for the most part).

What LINKS can do is really up to the imagination to be honest. As far as direct integration of SmartThings, I’m sure it’s more to do with api configuration than anything else and should actually be quite simple to manage. One of the things in the pipeline is to have a .dll as a plugin to LINKS for hubs like Phillips Hue, Smart Things, iHome, and others as well as a huge variety of home controllers, which is what Ash uses in this video.

I don’t know anything about coding with SmartThings, but you know what, if there’s a few folks here who know a thing or two, hit me up in private, I’ll invite you to our beta testing group where you can chat with the developers and we can probably get this hashed out on a few weeks minimum.

Now that was what I wanted to see, that is more interesting to me now. Although I still am not a fan of the interface (SMILE), Thanks for putting that up so that I can see what LINKS can do once setup properly

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To be quite Frank, I could honestly care less about Alexa and I have no idea why anyone even brought it up in this topic.

Glad you liked the video. :slight_smile:

I have renewed interest in EventGhost, since it was recently brought up as a way to use schedules or other things to trigger Events in SmartThings and vice versa. I just set up SmartTiles with a Virtual Switch that lowers my screen, turns on my Projector, sets the proper speaker settings in the HTPC, and brings up Netflix streaming window maximized. And, I have that virtual switch callable from Alexa. – Gee… I ought to make a video :video_camera: !!!

If you’re already running a PC to run LINKS, it may make sense to consider EventGhost as the interface to automations… since EventGhost has modules for X10, etc., and, well, perhaps a few of us will make an official SmartThings plug-in for EventGhost.

So … writing a LINKS plug-in for EventGhost (or vice versa) is also a possibility.

NB: EventGhost may be relatively deprecated … if so, substitute MQTT + Home Assist, etc., in the above discussion, perhaps.

In other words … it’s all about building blocks. In some ways, ideally, LINKS and Alexa should be seamlessly interchangeable for a certain lowest common denominator of functionality.

Because there is a lot of similarity in their functionality, it is natural for humans to try to relate something “new-to-them” to something “familiar-to-them”; we are pattern seekers! Also, it makes sense for folks to want to know the pros and cons of the choice or any compelling reason(s) to switch or not switch. :confused:


This would definitely be interesting

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I suppose that does make sense. As far as I can see, there’s not much of a con with links. If someone doesn’t like it they can just uninstall it


Already has a direct link. Think of it as a commamd server of your own which is currently in dev beta phase, only few has total access to.
Advance users are always wecome for beta testing and make plugins, so integration to more producds is seemless.

@shawneric Thanks for the video :smiley:



In case you guys weren’t aware, Zunair is one of the lead developers of LINKS. Beta testing is open, so we invite whoever is interested and capable, if you want to make plugins for SmartThings, then come on over!

This it?

I see that’s the same as which goes to

Yes those will all work

sir i have downloaded the jarvis mark 2 setup and installed it but the installing the links had a problem.

problem means it is showing a box as installing links for mark II and downloading 34.1 MB but the downloading stopped at 958kb and showing as cannot start the application

Please head over to and request support there. My video does not entail running through potential issues with your setup and is a more generalized instructional video. Hope this helps.

I downloaded the Link Mark II and it has been sucsessfully intalled. But when i give commands it does not listen to any of my voice.
Pl. help me out with this issue…

Wow I can’t believe I never responded to this. Anyways, support can be received over at the website I linked above. Good luck buddy, hope it works. At this point, a reinstall might make it work better :slight_smile:

I Didn’t have to code mine and it works with Cortana & Alexa it also has a mobile app to go with it not just Windows OS and last I checked LINKS is free and so was my Windows 11 OS the only thing about LINKS is I am still waiting for mark III version that i did pay for and did not get or can use what a bummer on that end my pc is litterly J.A.R.V.I.S. from Ironman aka Tony Starks Workshop