How to group color bulbs

I just purchased three sengled element plus bulbs for my room which Has dimmer setting as well as color setting. I would like to be able to group these into one so that if I change the color on one bulb, they would all change together. Is there a way of doing so ?

Yes. You can create a virtual switch and mirror behavior with smart lighting.
Details can be found here:

I did find that earlier but it does not mirror the color/temperature change of lights

the Virtual Device switch did not work for my Osram BR30 RGBW light bulbs. I am trying to set up 3 groups and coordinate their colors as well of course. Mirror Behavior did Not mirror color temp. What worked is Smart Light things (Mirror behavior to Master) + Color Coordinator app so for 3 groups you would have to do 6 set ups. It’s a bit inconvenient but those lights are crazy dirt cheap now on Amazon 4 for $20 as the Osram platform is getting phased out… Disclaimer, I am an official noobie to Smartthings programming

I would recommend trying the community created SmartApp called Trend Setter. Specifically, the Colorful Temperature grouping.