How to get smartthings to water my mushrooms

So I have a few things of mushrooms that has to be cared for. Because if your mushrooms will die if when growing dry out for more than a few hours. I am wondering if I can hook up them with something to help keep them water.

Right now I have a cold humidifier in the indoor greenhouse where the mushrooms are. It makes the area more than less a cloud. This waters all the mushrooms pretty well. But the problem I’m running into with that is its a guessing game on what’s too much. I have a tray under the mushroom area and water building up there can be a problem. I have it on a timer, but that’s a guessing game at best.

Anyways, I have a humidity sensor (not smartthings linked). But it’s staying at a 93% humidity even when I have the humidifier off for half a day. I think this is because it’s in a mini greenhouse, the sensor isn’t getting aired out. And a wet sensor in the tray isn’t going to work since that doesn’t indicate if the mushrooms are wet

So with all that being said, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this with SmartThings?

Plantlink? Spruce?