How to get rid of button extra options on automation

Our device only supports the push button. It would be good if users only had one option (pushed) in automation.

I tried to add this to the deviceConfigST_fbba6-xxxx.json file.

  "automation": {
    "conditions": [
        "component": "main",
        "capability": "button",
        "version": 1,
        "values": [{
            "key": "button.value",
            "enabledValues": [
        "patch": [],
        "exclusion": []

What is wrong with that change?

Hi, @Heikki_Pirttinen

Did you set a value for the attribute supportedButtonValues? In your case, it should include only “pushed”
If you check the button’s capability presentation > automation.conditions section, you’ll see how that list is restricted by the value set in that attribute:

    "label": "{{i18n.label}}",
    "displayType": "list",
    "list": {
        "alternatives": [
        "supportedValues": "supportedButtonValues.value", /* HERE */
        "value": "button.value",
        "valueType": "string"