How to get DoorBell Alert w/SAGE doorbell sensor + Blink camera photo with CoRE rule machine

Hi All,

I just completed my latest integration in ST.

First thing 1st…I was give help by our great community members: @SBDOBRESCU, @RBoy, @Darwin, and @ady624.

Thanks a lot for your great work here on ST community!


  1. Blink Home Monitoring System.
  2. Blink app by @RBoy.
  3. Sage DoorBell sensor.
  4. Custom device type by @Darwin.
  5. CoRE rule engine provided by @ady624


  1. Blink Home Security
  2. [RELEASE] Approved Blink Camera/Motion Sensor Device Handler with Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications
  3. SAGE DoorBell sensor device handler by @Darwin
  4. CoRE rule engine provided by @ady624
  5. Sage Doorbell sensor.


I wanted to get alerts from my doorbell being rung when my family is away from our house. So I started to look in the ST community for ideas. I found a thread on how to modify a contact sensor into a doorbell sensor. I love tinkering and am a DIYer…But I want something already packaged. So I went on the net and found this alternative to ST. Bu before you take a look and jump ship, understand that their eco system is very limited.

That said, Sage home monitoring does have a prepackaged door bell sensor device which doesn’t need any modding and connects directly to the existing wire connectors on most doorbells. And on top of that I also need to see I was also getting told by my neighbors that strange people dropping by my door (informed by my neighbor).

Problem 1:
So I need a way to see who that is at my door.
I backed a great product on KickStarter called Blink home monitoring. This system is a set of completely wireless cameras which can run for upto a year on 2xAA batteries and have HD video recording/Photo capture capabilities, etc., Problem one is solved.

Problem 2:
Getting alerts when someone pushes any of the doorbell buttons i.e., Front DoorBell or Back DoorBell buttons.
So I found the SAGE Doorbell Sensor.

Problem 3: How To get these things to work together?

  1. I found the app created for Blink camera system created by @RBoy .

  2. And than installed the SAGE DoorBell sensor into my existing doorbell.

  3. Installed the custom device type by @Darwin.

  4. I also use the standard Button app which was recommended to me by @SBDOBRESCU. You can find it in the ST app Marketplace -> SmartApps -> More -> Button Controller. Setup Alerts for for Button 1 & 2 Push events. (SAGE DoorBell sensor has the capability to get input from multiple doorbell buttons, so if you normally use the community app Notify Me, you will just get a general alert which doesn’t tell you if it is the front door or the back door which is being rung.)

  5. Installed the Core rule engine and this is how the rule should look for you:


Thanks for the writeup, now if it can intergrate for Alexa, that would be even better. My doorbell is upstairs and sometimes, I can’t hear it downstairs. If Alexa can take the push notification from ST, it would be great!

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Thanks for the like on my post @nomisr. I am not certain on how Alexa would get the push notification, but I do know from a personal post that you can use BigTalker app from the community and any computer that can run VLC/VLC Thing app in ST to get verbal notifications. I actually posted on my project with CHIP computer and VLC integration. It works good. Sometimes the text gets cut off in the beginning, but it can be overcome.

Now the biggest question is, where do i buy the sensor? Looks like they’re sold out on their website… lol…

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You can also use

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SAGE is no longer. This thread is no longer supported.

While Sage is no more, a similar sensor is still available from nexia (also mentioned up thread) and you can buy it at Amazon. See the new doorbell FAQ:

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