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How to fix weather in Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security?

(Gerardo Reyes) #1

Hi I have the Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security and I know the ADT monitoring service only works on the US…
But I can’t really understand why if I set my location outside the US, the weather widget in the panel does not work, it shows a different country…
I’m in Mexico and it says other country in the weather,
Is there a way to fix it? if I set my location to some address in the US it show the weather correctly.


(許石頭) #2

You should use samsung "Smartthings classic "App To setup. Just to check ur location and configure it to ur place then save it .wait 3 mins The panel weather info will change…But Now I have pronlem to change temp from F to C .Bevause Im in Taiwan.