How to fix devices in wrong locations/hub?

So a while back when the new app first came out I tried to migrate to it. I have three hubs listed in three different locations (one at my parents house, one at my house, and a third at my work place). When I tried to migrate to the new app it ended throwing (nearly all) my devices onto just one location. If I look in the api the devices are still showing properly with the right hub/location, but in the new app they are screwed up.

At the time I just went back to using the old app, but now with that retiring I’m trying to use the new one… but my devices are still all screwy. Any idea on how to change them back? I’ve tried going into the api and “swapping” them to the hub that they show in the app, and then switching them back to the right app. Obviously this didn’t work.

You have to contact support. Once it is escalated past front-line support (who will tell you to uninstall and re-install the app), they’ll pass it onto someone who can actually fix the back-end database the new app uses by synchronizing it.

From a data management standpoint, this seems really screwy. The new app should be using the locations in the web api. Why is it using location info from some database only inner-sanctum ST support people can see?

It isn’t. It just isn’t accessing a database on the legacy platform as the Classic and did and the IDE still does. The information needs to be correctly synchronised between the databases and that is where ST support staff are required.

So, it’s accessing a database that isn’t the IDE database -and- only the ST support staff can “synchronize” it… Or, apparently, even look at it.
How is that different than what I said? :thinking:

I inferred that you were suggesting that the app was getting its information from a source only accessible to ST staff. However the information is extremely well exposed to users in the ST API.

The IDE is part of a separate legacy platform. Information is transferred in both directions between the legacy and current platforms. A small proportion of users seem to hit edge cases that result in the information being transferred incorrectly so the current and legacy platforms have different information. Essentially the current information is incorrect. It is accessible but fixing it is outside the scope of user facing tools.

It is making the information correct that requires staff involvement. Which seems reasonable to me.