How to enable sound loops for Samsung Radiant 360 Speaker?

I love the sound quality of my R3 speaker, and I fooled my grandmother that I adopted several more dogs when I played the “Barking Dog” sound since it sounds so realistic. Unfortunately it only lasts for 5 seconds or so. How do I get it play continuously to deter an intruder? Or better yet upload another much longer “dog sound” file so it won’t sound like a “looped” file?

Other issue I’ve encountered was that “Leaks” didn’t trigger an audio alert for some reason, so I had to enable an app from the marketplace for that but even than I could only get “Smarthings detected a flood” only once which can be missed if I watch TV at loud volume. It should have said that repeatedly for a much longer time. Can I just copy a custom text “Smart things detected a flood. Smart things detected a flood…” and so on for 100 times or there is a limit to custom messages?

Another great application of a looped sound would had been “white noise” at night . I am sure there are such files on the internet, if only there would be a way to upload it somehow for someone who is not a developer and can use an API. Or is there such an app for Samsung Radiant 360 speakers? Can the apps developed for Sonos be used with Radiant speakers?

Thank You!


(1) I was able to make a custom message with like 30 “Leak” messages but it says so fast you can hardly understand it. How do I make it say slower like “Leak” pause for 2 seconds “Leak” etc… Is there any character for pause in custom texts

(2) In more options I noticed “Or play this music or radio station” but I cannot add any track since it states “You can’t currently add this” How could could I add one since if I could have added a mp3 file I could have found any one I need for my needs

I would also like to slow it down as I struggle to hear what is said as it is so fast. Did you suss this out? I’ve tried comma’s and stops. There must be something out there.