How to Efficiently Use Rules (RM)

I’m still starting out and I’ve created a few rules, but I’m wondering if I’m doing things in the most efficient manner. For example, I created 2 rules for bathroom lighting. The first rule runs during my home and nights modes and will turns on the lights via motion and will keep them on if the door is closed. The lights will turn off after 1 minute of no motion. The second rule runs during my sleep or ready for work mode and does the same thing but sets the dim level to 30 and will turn off after 30 second.

I have similar rules for my kitchen but I’m noticing that I have to create one for each mode as what the basic premises is to have the lights come on dimmer and shut off soon if it is really late or early in the morning vs during the normal day.

I’m wondering if having almost identical rules the best way of doing things, I can see myself creating very similar rules that are only slight different depending on the mode. However, the end result is the same, the lights come on, just maybe at a different brightness or turn off sooner.

This would actually be better posted here.

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