How to do multi-requirement IFTTT? (for open/close sensors)

So I am trying to figure out how to do something either as a smartapp or with IFTTT. I want to make a trigger that sets my ecobee3 to a certain comfort level when either of 2 contact sensors register as open (aka… go to fan mode when either window open). I also to set it up to resume my scheduled program when I close BOTH windows. If I only close 1 I want it to remain in fan mode. This is the part I am getting stuck with. With IFTTT as it is configured if I close either it will revert. Is there a way to do what I want?

Scenario is there is a big window we open downstairs and upstairs to cool house when outside temp drops below inside. I like to turn on the fan and turn off the AC. Often at bed time we close the downstairs window and head up for a bit but leave the upper window open. I want to keep the fan mode going until I close the upstairs as well.

CoRE should be able to do this easily.