How to do "If This and This then That"?

I just got a new Philips Hue light strip and I’m trying to run a scenario with the following rules:

  1. When I turn the lights off (via z-wave switch) turn the light strip on.
  2. When I turn the lights on (via z-wave switch) turn the light strip off.
  3. Set the color of the light strip according to tomorrows weather (currently using IFTTT).
  4. Only turn the light strip on if it’s after sunset and before it’s sunrise.
  5. Only turn the light strip on if my wife or myself are home (via presence sensor).
  6. If my wife and I were away and either of us return home, if the lights are off, turn the light strip on (given rule 4).

So I’ve gotten 1, 2, and 3 working but I’m not sure how to have rules 4 AND (not OR) 5 supersede the rest and also take into account rule 6. :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:

Have you looked into using RuleMachine?

Just run a search and you’ll find a ton on it!

It is wonderful and will work for everything except for Tomorrow’s Weather stuff.

Thanks Brian! I’ll give that app a shot!

As a side note, this would be the first app I’ll be adding that’s not already published in the app. :slight_smile: I’m a no0b.

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Luckily it’s one that is very easy to add.
Just a copy and paste and it will get you ready for all the fun you can have with the system in the future.
Once it’s all added, it will work very intuitively for setting up devices.

Here’s the link for everything if you haven’t found it yet:

All the instructions on adding it are there

Modes are how I’d handle 4-6.

I use the SmartRules app for exactly what you’re doing, works great for me!

Thanks Ryan! Sadly, looks like it’s an iOS only app and I’m an Android user :frowning: