How to DIY Home Alarm with SmartThings?

I was looking at the 2GIG system as it seems to have a decent ecosystem and a wide range of wireless options (zwave + 345 Mhz, etc). However, you must use a third party to get notifications which seems crazy.

Has anyone figured out parts needed to build a home alarm around the Samsung Hub that can send notifications to smart phone? 7 door contacts, smoke, glass break and motion. I think the thermostat will be relatively easy. As will a basic integration with the front door lock via the Kwikset 910z - we’ll see :slight_smile:

Also curious of the sensor range if it’s just zwave.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

If you search and read the many threads that have already discussed the issues of smartthings as a home security system, that’ll be time well spent.

Edit: my autocorrect entered “joke” instead of “home” security system. Who knew Siri could make a Freudian slip? :joy: