How to DIY Home Alarm with SmartThings?

(jason scutt) #1

I was looking at the 2GIG system as it seems to have a decent ecosystem and a wide range of wireless options (zwave + 345 Mhz, etc). However, you must use a third party to get notifications which seems crazy.

Has anyone figured out parts needed to build a home alarm around the Samsung Hub that can send notifications to smart phone? 7 door contacts, smoke, glass break and motion. I think the thermostat will be relatively easy. As will a basic integration with the front door lock via the Kwikset 910z - we’ll see :slight_smile:

Also curious of the sensor range if it’s just zwave.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

(Mark) #2

If you search and read the many threads that have already discussed the issues of smartthings as a home security system, that’ll be time well spent.

Edit: my autocorrect entered “joke” instead of “home” security system. Who knew Siri could make a Freudian slip? :joy: