How to disable SONOS on smartthings hub

(Richard Rommes) #1

Is there a way to disable Smartthings interaction with SONOS ? As of some version of code, smartthings started “hearing” all of my sonos speakers and given the complexity of solving problems where they pop up with normal Z-Wave type issues, I’d just as soon disable the SONOS aware feature. When I look at logs, they are full of various messages rated to all of my SONOS speakers. I have no plans to integrate SONOS with smartthings at this time.

f9d4ee51-14e5-4771-81e3-9faf00e1cbae 9:35:31 PM: debug Not parsing XML message:
<s:Envelope xmlns:s="" s:encodingStyle="">
<u:GetVolumeResponse xmlns:u="urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:RenderingControl:1">
f9d4ee51-14e5-4771-81e3-9faf00e1cbae 9:35:31 PM: trace Extracting current volume
f9d4ee51-14e5-4771-81e3-9faf00e1cbae 9:35:31 PM: trace sonosAction(GetVolume, RenderingControl, /MediaRenderer/RenderingControl/Control, [InstanceID:0, Channel:Master])
f9d4ee51-14e5-4771-81e3-9faf00e1cbae 9:35:31 PM: trace getVolume()
f9d4ee51-14e5-4771-81e3-9faf00e1cbae 9:35:31 PM: trace doPoll

(PPO16) #2

Did you try to delete the device from your device list?
I am not sure I understand why you have your sonos in your ST if you didn’t add it yourself. Maybe I am missing something here.

(Will) #3

I agree. This is annoying as crap. Every time I ‘add a thing’ all my sonos speakers get in the way. Then I have to delete all my sonos speakers. There should be a way to disable locating Sonos on Smartthings

(Kevin) #4

We’ve asked for a year now, since SuperLAN Connect came out…how to exclude something from being added over and over again. Doubt at this point it will ever happen. So every time I go to add a lightbulb, I have to spend 15mins deleting all my Sonos speakers. I do not have any need for speakers to be connected, nor do I want it until I do… but nope its forced on me.

(Will) #5

Yes – same here. I have about 15 Sonos speakers in my house. I have to go into the hub and delete each one everytime I add a single device. Its an incredible pain.


It is very very annoying…

(John C) #7

Agreed. And it appears likely no one with control over the feature set of the product cares one whit. You will get the attention of the marketing types by posting a review in the app store where you obtained your phone app -or- in a review of your hub at that vendor’s website.

Good luck! Many of us (and note that group probably includes ST engineering people!) would appreciate this annoying ‘feature’ be a configurable option. :neutral_face: