How to? Device Profiles/Components Spec

I have a driver that contains 4 switches which I label Switch1 through Switch4.

The spec insists that I have one component called “main”. Is there a way that I can accommodate this requirement without overburdening the UI with a useless component?


I usually use generic names and specific labels.

In your case, I would use main, main02, main03 and main04 for the names and Switch 1, Switch 2, Switch 3 and Switch 4 for the labels.

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Indeed, @harobinson. @w35l3y is right, you can have the component named “main” but its label can have a different value which is the one shown in the app.

Generally, people use “main” as “switch1” and add components 2-4.

I use “main” as “switch1” or “switchall”, depending on the profile chosen by the user.

If user decide to have “Switch all” functionality, then I use main, main01, main02, main03 and main04.