How to detach Philips lights from its bridge?

(Saquib Herman) #1

I have 3 Philips hue lights, 2 Lux lights and a LED strip. All are connected and controlled from Philips bridge. I have written a node.js program using node-hue-api to control these lights.

I don’t want to use Philips bridge, instead I want to use a CC2531 Zigbee dongle to communicate with all Zigbee lights.
But my node.js program is not able to detect Philips lights from CC2531 even after un-pairing from Philips bridge.


This is an issue for many people working with Hue bulbs. There is no way to reset individual bulbs from the bridge. Google “Hue lampstealer” or ask on the everyhue forums and you should be able to find what you need.

(Saquib Herman) #3

Thanks JDRoberts for your inputs.