How to delete SmartThings forum account/profile?

Hey guys, got two questions about account(s):

  1. Wondering if I can delete my forum account? I’ve tried everything under my profile and even called tech support, but so far I could not find a solution.

  2. Getting new Smartthings mesh wifi with the build in hub v3 and I thought to start from blank page and create brand new Smartthings/Samsung Account. Any idea how to delete existing Smartshings and Samsung account?

Weirdly, discourse, the forum software that this site uses, doesn’t have any way for a user to delete their own account.

Instead, flag your own first post in this thread and ask a moderator to delete your forum account. They can do it. ( i’m not a moderator, I’m just another user. )

Note, however, that forum membership is completely independent of your Samsung or SmartThings account. For that step, you would need to get in touch with support.

I find it hard to believe this is GDPR compliant.

You have the right to have all your data deleted… (If you are an EU citizen or resident).


But what does a fully anonymized user & posts look like?

Ok, thank you guys, I have flagged my post. Hopefully administrator can help with the forum account.

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Please close/anonymize my account. Thanks!