How to create parent child relationship in smartapp with new Smartthings API

I am working on a new Smartapp with the new API’s. One thing I have found is that it doesn’t appear that the documentation leaves any room for child apps that can be managed by a parent app. The only way i can see to work through this right now is to created everything in one flow and allow multiple installs of the main app. Does anyone have any suggestions around what appears to be this limitation.


Hi, is there any news on this topic? Will the new platform support parent-child SmartApps?

Hello @egravdal,
For the non-groovy based SmartApps, the concept of parent-child doesn’t apply. However, when you register the SmartApp in Developer Workspace, in advance settings, you can mark the option to allow more than one installation and different configurations in the same location.


Thank you for your input on this @nayelyz . It helps that you can make multiple instances, but what I really need is a way to store some common settings for all of the instances so the users won’t have to enter the same input for all of the instances. You could do this with the parent-child concept in groovy SmartApps, but maybe there is another way to do this with the new APIs?

Hi @egravdal,

You can check the endpoints of /apps and /installedApps to verify how to manage the app configuration and save global variables.
Take into consideration that these endpoints work with the Personal Access Token, I recommend you to use an .env file to store it.
If you need more orientation, please let me know and I can help.