How to create a thermostat with the stock existing sensors


(Dani) #1

Hi all, this is how I succed.

Resources involved in this example:

  • stock sensor(s) from SmartThings kit
  • a gas furnace with an existing non-smart wireless thermostat (like the majority of the furnaces from Romania)
  • a smart plug (SmartThings stock smartplug is also ok). “Switch 1” is the name of the smartplug bellow

What it does: when temperature from a(ny) sensor drops a desired temperature the furnace is turned on by the physical thermostat, witch is inserted in the smartplug. And if the temperature is to high it Turns OFF the smartplug, witch turns off the old/non-smart thermostat, witch Turns OFF the furnace (“centrala termica” in romanish).

That’s all. Is simple and functional. Here it is:

Note: the stock sensors are having about 5 minutes delay before they change the temperature.

(Robin) #2

You could tweak this further to be able to adjust the temperature.

Go into the IDE and add a simulated dimmer to your things list. Tweak the device code so the slider value is min 6 and max 30.

Then instead of using the set value ‘22’ in your piston, use:

{[simulated device name:level]}

Now your simulated dimmer has become a thermostat controller.

(Dani) #3

Hi Robin.

I’m afraid that I not understand. Maybe if you show me the code…

Thank you.

(Dani) #4

Post update: thermostat optimized with antifreeze protection at 16 degrees, when you are away: