HOW-TO: Control your Curtains with an Amazon Echo (Alexa + SmartThings Hub + Aeotec)

So how would i add this curtain to my Alexa routine for turning on my projector, i want the curtains to close whenever any of the projector routines are turned on and curtains opened after turning off smartthings logitech routines.

The way I did is adding this curtain into ST routine (under “Turn on/off these lights or switches”)
Then let Alexa discover this routine.

exactly what did you purchase and where? I’m looking into replacing my old erod system with something I can integrate into ST. please let me know

Is there any tutorial or list of devices to buy, I want to do this house


Thanks so much for your input and advice. I have been able to complete my Master Bedroom automation (for now :wink: and thought I would share the results. The Qubino DH with Alexa integration has been phenomenal, it also works with Google Home BTW.

Can you post the steps you did to include the DH into ST? I see the DH code but not sure where to upload it ? What do you do once you have the DH code?

You should go through this thread first.

How do I map the DH to the Device? When I edit the Device, I see the following fields:

Zigbee id
Device Network Id

Which field do I select to map the Device to the Device Handler? Please advice

Click “Type” and select DH from dropdown list

Thank you. I found the DH at the bottom of the drop down list and selected it. However it is still not working :(. I see Qubino in my smart home mobile app but nothing happens when I tap it. I have a Dooya motor (52S) and I wired the white neutral wire and the white COM wire into the “+” terminal of the Qubino, the black live wire into the “-” terminal of the Qubino and the brown/red wires from the Dooya to the Q1 and Q2 terminals. Not sure what else should I do to get this thing going?

Next step you should do is calibrate your Qubino.
Different curtain (in lenght) should have different input parameter
I’m not at home so could not remember all things need to do for this calibrating process.
Please read through this thread first (consider where people talking about calibrate)
I’ll post some parameters from my calibrating when I have time.
Good luck

Please let me know if the following wiring on the Qubino ZMNHCD3 is correct:

N - Neutral wire from the main along with the COM wire from the Dooya motor
L - Live (black) wire from the main
I3 - Brown wire from Dooya
I2 - Red wire from the Dooya

I did not yet connect the switch I used to operate the Dooya motor since I don’t know how to connect the switch to Qubino

I already added the DH by Inpier and also mapped the DH to the Qubino device on ST

I don’t see any curtain movement when I press open or close on the Smart app. Please help!!

Can you send the details of your wiring from the Dooya to the Qubino? I cannot seem to get the Qubino work with my Dooya? Here is how I wired:
Neutral Wire from Dooya + Neutral wire from power line + COM (white wire) from Dooya -> N ("+") terminal on QubinoLive wire (black) from Dooya + Live wire from power line -> L ("-") terminal on QubinoBrown wire from Dooya to Q1 terminal on QubinoRed Wire from Dooya to Q2 terminal on QubinoThere are two wires from I1/I2 terminals on Qubino that go into the switch that I control with a remote for opening and closing the curtains
I also tried adding a black wire from the live wire to the “COM” on the switch but that did not work either
Appreciate your help!

I’m away & won’t be back until next week so I could not have answer now.

Sorry to bother you, but if you can spare a moment and send me the wiring you did to connect Qubino with the Dooya, greatly appreciate it

finally…got my curtains to work with the Qubino Shutter. Still need to control the curtain with Alexa. My echo dot does not open or close the curtains although I do see the routines there. The Smart Hub App does control the curtains with the same routines? I used the DH by inpier which should enable Alexa but it does not work for me.

Will this setup allow for requesting a position to close the curtain i.e. 50%? I require for bifold and may not want to close fully. Also is this setup compatible in the UK?

I can open curtain by ask Alexa “turn on living curtain”.
Someone mention that they can open by saying “open living curtain”, but I could not do that, Alexa response is “living curtain doesn’t support that”. Maybe some expert here could advise a trick to do.

DH in ST app I’m using has a STOP button, so I can stop when it open/close 50%, however I still can not find method to ask Alexa to stop closing/opening in the middle

Hey guys. I have been looking for a solution to automate my blinds and I found this post and I think could be the perfect solution. Right now I have nothing not even the blinds and I am planning to buy roller blinds and put them working with the Qubino ZMNHCD3. Is there a specific motor you could recommend that works well with this flush shutter ?



What are the calibration settings you adjusted to achieve this. I ran auto-calibration but it’s not working properly. Thanks for your help in advance.