How to control Google Assistant or Echo connected device from ST?


I have some cheap Wifi outdoor outlets from Primewire that have their own standalone IoS app and also connect to Google Assistant or Echo for more control options.

Is there any way to expose those devices inside of ST / Webcore via some sort of device relay? I realize most Echo / Google integrates are the other way around where you want to use Voice to control a ST device. I want to use ST/Piston with some complex scripting to turn this outlet on/off

At the present time there’s no easy way to do it with Google, but it’s very easy to do with echo using Alexa routines (not smartthings routines). See the community FAQ:

If you use Google Assistant Relay, then you can issue commands like turn on the kitchen lights, but there isn’t any response what can be parsed back to ST. The Relay works a bit differently than the Assistant app with keyboard input. Over there the keyboard input receives a written response as well, but this is not the case for the Assitant Relay. It gives only an audio file as a response.

Interesting on the Echo route! Does it support turning on/off on outlet?

I have a sump pump installed outside by my cabana. Want to write a webcore that toggles outlet on off depending on weather. I.e if very cold I want to shut it off to prevent ice damage… turn on in spring or after thaw/heavy rain.

Bu the way, if they are Tuya based devices, what some comments suggest on the HA forum, then you might want to wait for the Globe Suite integration and they should work with ST without a middle man.

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If it’s A device you can turn on and off by voice with echo, then, you can probably do it with an echo routine. If you can do it with an echo routine, you can control it from smartthings with the method shown in the community FAQ. :sunglasses:

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