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How to connecxt a TP LINK H100 socket to my smartthings hub? WITHOUT A GATEWAY PC?

(Albert Kleyn) #1

Folks… another newbie question here. I sofar have only used my brandnew hub with the starterkit things which came in the package. So far… so good. BUT… I have a TP Link H100 mains socket which I would love to hook to integrate into smartthings. I have seen a post by destructure00 , dated 2 Dec 2016 which described how to do this… BUT… it requires a PC to run 24/7 and that isn’t possible in my situation.
Just wondered… is there a way around this or will it require a PC running a gateway service from the Hub to the H100 ?
Any help gratefully received.
Many thanks

(Ernie) #2

Try this. Choose the Cloud-link method. Works well for me.

(Albert Kleyn) #3

Many thanks Ernie… will give that a try tmrw… its close on midnight here.
Albert in Ireland.

(Albert Kleyn) #4

HELP… when trying to follow Dave Gut instructions to the letter trying to install the code for my TP LINK Hs100 into the SmartThings hub ( going for the cloud based version) I get this error:

startup failed: script_app_metadata_bc9f552c_4150_4820_8646_9a33af4339b5: 35: unexpected token: name @ line 35, column 5. 34 name: “TP-Link (unofficial) Connect”, ^ 1 error

Anyone can figure out what I am doing wrong ?? No coding experience here… am I using a down-level version of the “Groovy” Apologies If I have screwed this up, inspite of Dave’s EXCELLENT instructions.

(Albert Kleyn) #5

Ernie and whoever sees this… by accident I replied to myself a minute ago. See my last post.

(Ernie) #6

I suggest posting in the thread I linked above for assistance with this device. @Gutheinz is very helpful and responsive.

(Albert Kleyn) #7

Thanks so much Ernie. I have made progress but am now getting stuck on step 5 Run the service manager (a) is ok… but (b) does not appear in my Samsun’s SmartThings connect APP so I cannot add a smart app.
Have posted directly to Dave but need to update that as the device handler and service manager appear to be running ok now. many many thanks Ernie.