How to connect Zigbee downlight/RGBW to Smarthings?

I purchased Zemismart down light and FLS-PP lp My Smartthings does not identify these devices.

So, can I add there device only via Philips Hue? or am I doing something wrong?

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Also purchased and have been unable to join to smart things despite extensive efforts

Sorry for not updating. You Philips HUE controller to connect these.

  1. Install Philips HUE controller and connect to you network/install app
  2. Link zenismart to Hue (switch the lights off/on 4 times they will blink and hue will see them)
  3. link Hue to smartthings

How do i link hue to smartthings??

Like any other device. Open smartthings and click on add devices. It will locate Hue bridge and add it