How to Connect: Sylvania SMART+ Adjustable White & Full Color Flex (LED36FLEXRGBWZBS+)

I want to connect the Sylvania SMART+ LED strips to my ST system. The Sylvania documentation for the product states is “works with SmartThings”. It is a ZigBee certified product.

The documentation that came with the product directs you to install Osram Lightify, which I don’t know how to get working since it wants a “gateway”.

Has anyone successfully connected this product to their ST hub (and app)? How do I go about doing this?


Okay, I’m a dope!

I was very focused surfing around looking for the device in the new device list by manufacturer, scrolling up down around this annoying blue thing in the middle of the icons when duh! I noticed the blue thing is an “auto detect button”… so tried it and it worked! It installed a neat full-function device control button!

And then… into ActionTiles… and its there with full functionality! Yay!

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