How to connect panel heaters to ST

I have these panel heaters in my home office that I have to manually turn on, thinking it would be great if I could connect them to ST so I can regulate the temperature in the room automatically. I might need an electrician for this but is it possible and what tech do I need?


I had one of those that had a plug on it and I just put a Z-Wave outlet adapter inline. What is that wire going into? Is that a standard outlet box with a switch?

Hi Todd its going into something like this

What do I need exactly to replace it with?


So, that actually raises more questions than answers, but I’m not going to discuss UK wiring. I do not have enough knowledge of it.



No prob still need some help here someone must have an idea … :confused:

As I said before, I know nothing about electricity requirements in UK, but something like this (if it works in UK and can handle the current the heater panel draws) might allow you to do what you want.