How to connect Aeotec Smart Strip to ST?

I’m trying to connect an Aeotec Smart Strip and can’t get the app to find it. When I plug the strip in, the Protected and Grounded LED lights come on green and the “C” shaped LED flashes blue. The ST app never finds it when I tap on + Add a Thing.

I found the Device Handler that @erocam1231 wrote and I installed it on the IDE page. Even after that ST will not find the new strip. I also added a new device via the IDE and while that will show up in the app, it will not control the Smart Strip.

What am I missing or doing wrong?

Can anyone help me with this?

Reaching out again on this one.

I have to ask since you didn’t mention it, did you push the ‘action’ button (inside the C light on the power strip) after selecting ‘add a thing’ on the app? That would initiate the pairing process from the powerstrips point of view.

If you’ve tried that, maybe you should try the ‘reset’ process for the strip (I believe you press and hold the button on the strip until it flashes at a faster rate).

Thanks for the reply Tony. I actually did not realize that the middle of the C was a button, so I never tried pushing it. That did the trick and it connected to ST straight away. Thank you for solving this for me… I was beginning to think I had a very expensive dumb power strip on my hands!

Glad to hear you got it working!