How to check ST sensor battery?

So unfortunately I have a lot of SmartThings Multipurpose sensors.
The batteries they come with only last a few weeks. Once I replace them, they can go up to 12 months on a new battery.
So I have two questions:

  1. How do check the status of a battery outside of ST? Is there a tester I can buy? Because I can’t find one that tests these coin batteries and the ST battery status seems extremely unreliable.
  2. Does anyone else experience the same issues with new ST sensors? Every time the battery dies within 1-2 weeks.
    Once replaced, no issues for months and months.

I have about 20 ST multipurpose sensors and 3 motion sensors. Same issues with the 2015 (older) motion sensors.

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I have this:

But I don’t understand which setting to use and how to read that setting.
I believe the batteries are 3v but I do not have a 3v setting.

I have had zwave motion sensors for over 2 years now that don’t need the battery changed. It will show you the battery % in the ST app

Set it to DCV and it should read 3v on a new battery. Below 2 and I would replace.

Or just pony up the $10 for a more basic meter that is dead simple to read. Takes any guess work out if your unsure.

I have a battery tester from the 80’s from Radio Shack. Basic and is easy to use.

ST battery display is notoriously bad. Had sensors die with 67% showing yet battery dead. Meter is a good way to check for sure.


Most reliable piece of equipment I’ve ever owned, and I inherited it from my dad. (Not my finger.)

Harbor Freight will sell you a meter for about $5 and sometimes it’s free with coupon.