How to add SmartApps in the new Smartthings web portal?

The new web portal for Smartthings appears to be very limited compared to the old one. Where do I go to add SmartApps now?

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What kind of SmartApps are you trying to add? SmartThings no longer hosts code for third party smartapps. So whomever wrote the smartapp will either need to host it themselves and have you install it by logging in with your credentials or provide the raw code and you’ll need to host it on a raspberry pi or similar.

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The nearest equivalent to the legacy Groovy SmartApps of old would be webhook endpoint apps. Those have a recognisable ‘lifecycle’ structure and are now self-hosted.

They are installed via the Developer Workspace. Essentially you configure a few parameters and specify the URL. The equivalent of publishing for yourself is installing to test. Once you get that far the experience is then quite familiar.

If you don’t actually need an event driven experience you can write API client apps. Those don’t need installing, they just use tokens to access your account and behave like any other web app out there, you just access them with a URL.

I think it would be fair to say that sharing of apps hasn’t really been addressed yet.

The full on OAUTH apps like ActionTiles are still out there. They were a mystery to me on the legacy platform and are just as much of a mystery now.

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Is there any way now to add a smartapp that keeps track of outside temperature? Before I believe we could use AccuWeather…

Smartthings no longer provides a free groovy cloud, so whatever solution you come up with, you have to host it yourself.

@TAustin has done some amazing work, and has come up with an edge service that can provide weather information, but you will have to have an always running device available to host it

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