How to Add Smart Alarm Events to the Smart Home Monitor Dashboard

I’m a new owner of ST and started setting Smart Alarm as a DIY security system. However, the dashboard display associated with Smart Home Monitor doesn’t display any events that may trigger an alarm in Smart Alarm. For example, a multipurpose sensor on a window may have triggered an alarm in Smart Alarm yet the dashboard shows everythings is OK. Help anyone?

Smart Alarm is not compatible with Smart Home Monitor.

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I read on one of the Smartthings forums that it was possible to create a common alarm in Smart Alarm that is sent over to Smart Home Monitor. It talked about creating a room called “Smart Alarm”, creating a device called “Smart Alarm”, adding the said device to the said room, and then creating a trigger for this “device” such that Smart Alarm sends a notice to Smart Home Monitor.
I understand the concept but couldn’t implement it. Basically, I couldn’t create the device as an alarm from Smart Alarm. Help?

I suppose it’s possible to have Smart Alarm trigger a virtual contact sensor that has switch capabilities and then assign that contact sensor to SHM. May I ask what SHM is missing that you aren’t using it?

What I don’t know how to do is to create the virtual contact sensor and have it triggered by Smart Alarm. I like Smart Alarm because of the alarm trigger/arm delay option. However, the delay only works if I configure the sensor settings in Smart Alarm only but not Smart Home Monitor. Therefore, I have nothing configured in Smart Home Monitor, only in Smart Alarm. All I want is to have a common trouble alarm to be displayed on the dashboard, therefore, prompting the user to check the status of things. You see… I would like to wall mount a tablet for all family members to use rather than limiting Smartthings to phone users only. It would be more convenient that way.
Any idea how to configure this virtual contact switch?

Use this

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Thank you, I will give it a shot. This will be the first time I copy some code, so let’s see how it goes!