How to add MCT-340 E with new app?

With the old app… if I had a MCT-340 E go offline, I could always just remove the battery from the MCT-340 E and then go to the app and scan for devices and it would show up so I could add it back. With the new app, I’m having no luck gettin that done. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

Choose the scan nearby option. That will put the hub into general inclusion mode.

Thanks @Automated_House, I tried that but the device never showed up. I never had to with the old app, but should I delete the device and try scanning again?

If you’re using a custom DTH make sure you re-publish it before joining the device.

No custom DTH. Device just isn’t showing up. I may just try removing it and then try to add it again. I appreciate your replies trying to help.

Deleted the device and was able to add it back successfully. Thanks