How to add MCO HOME Multisensor A8-9 to Smartthings?

After connecting as Z-WAVE Sensor to Smartthing, the device does not transmit data. Only “Battery with !” and it says “unable to get device status”
Does anyone know how to properly add MCO HOME Multisensor A8-9 to Smartthings?
Me and my kids are allergic and need to have this information in the system and not just on the display.
Thanks in advance for your help

Hey @Gordon_Gordi , same problem here. I’ve tried changing it to a different device type such as a "Z-Wave Temp/Light Sensor and was able to get it to read and display on SmartThings so that was a start.

Unfortunately still haven’t found a way to display the other 5-6 data points (PM2.5, VOC, Smoke, Motion, Noise, CO2)

If anyone here could point me to a better solution or help with writing an Edge driver for it would be incredibly grateful!

The only solution I found today is connecting the MCO with the FIBARO HC2L hub. After updating (by an authorized service) the firmware, I now see all the data. I’m using the Yubii app on my phone. After the Smarthing update, the MCO sensor does not want to connect at all.

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