How to add items to Dashboard view in V2

Is there a way to add or change what is shown on the Dashboard view within V2? After upgrading to V2 it had a section for Presence which contained the phones I was tracking. I had to remove and re-add my phones due to another issue and now they no longer show up in the Dashboard view and I don’t know how to get them back.

Not at the moment. (to the best of my knowledge).

“Dashboard Solutions” are actually implemented via SmartApps, but with a few special attributes and API calls that are not currently available to Community Developers.

The past Dashboard Solutions varied in quality, but were better than nothing (and better than just the “Smart Home Monitor”), but someone made the decision to pull them all with the launch of App V2.

I wonder if we’ll see new Dashboard pages trickle in new releases, or if the Community will be given the ability to create them first.

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I “liked” this post but I don’t like it. I merely agree.

I am confused how this inflexibility could be allowed to just happen.

Now I avoid running the phone app at all. It uses too much data anyway.

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