How to add DIM WITH ME to MySmart Apps in IDE

Hi, I have tried for hours and I need help!! Can someone walk me through how to add dim with me app to smarthings ide my smartapps? I need correct code too!


This should help:

Also you can check the quick browse list for lighting in the community – created wiki. There’s an updated version of dim with me listed there along with some other possibilities. “Trendsetter”. Is very popular right now. But they all have somewhat different features so you can just find the one that best matches what you need. :sunglasses:

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Im having a really hard time finding trendsetter code and dim with me new verison. Can you send me the link to the code? I really appreciate your help

.1. Go to the community-created wiki:

.2. Look in the first section called “SmartApps” for the Lighting list and click on the bracketed link at the far right of the entry.

.3. Read the list until you come to trendsetter and click on it.

Your the man thank you. Im looking to set multiple dimmer switches to different levels to set a “scene” and simply control it using a virtual switch. I installed dim with me but it sets all the lights at the same level. any advice?

Use CoRE and write a piston that fires on a set trigger. This is how I have set scenes for my home.

(Yes I am a CoRE Junkie, easy to set up and modify. I will likely get around to hard coding the apps I tend to keep, to conserve my CoRE workspace.)

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do you have a link to Core? I dont know how to write a piston

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